We were founded to help older Australians find the right care – the best providers, services and residential solutions for you and your family. We listen, with our ears and our hearts, because like our own family, we care about you and yours, right now and into the future.
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Our Story
When we think about how we’d like to live when we’re older, we’d all like to feel respected, understood and heard. This sounds simple enough, but it’s a point that’s often overlooked or missed when it comes to aged care. That’s where Aged Care Placement Services comes in. We answer the questions that come with finding the right home or service for your needs and preferences, no matter what they are. And we’ve been doing this since 2012, when our founder, Mary Baumann, decided to do something about the lack of support she saw in the industry. She empathised with the bewildered and stressed children, siblings and elderly acquaintances who tried – and often failed – to make sense of a complicated system. And she was frustrated with the misplacement's in unsuitable residential aged care homes that often came as a result.

With Aged Care Placement Services, complex processes become easy. We’ll provide useful information, advice and solutions that are tailored to you. You’ll feel heard and understood while you receive the services and care that you deserve. Because we believe in the power of empathy and compassion, especially when it comes to caring for those who’ve cared for us.
Aged Care: A Snapshot
Home Care
A home is more than rooms of furniture – it’s made of memories and feelings, too. If you’re eligible for the Commonwealth Community Support Program or a Home Care Package, we can help you navigate My Aged Care so you can stay in your home, you love.
Retirement Living
Purpose-built retirement communities are a wonderful way to meet new people and stay social. If you’re interested in downsizing your home, staying independent, and having fun with like-minded friends, a retirement community may be great for you.
Aged Care Services
If you find that it’s just too hard to live independently, residential aged care can be the solution you’re looking for. The right residence can ensure your individual needs are met through lifestyle, clinical, accommodation and personal support.
Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)
We can all use an extra hand sometimes. Thankfully, some services are offered and subsidised by the government through My Aged Care. We help you navigate My Aged Care so that you can evaluate your options with confidence.
Charges and Fees for Aged Care
With Aged Care Placement Services, you’ll never be charged unfairly by your approved service provider. We fully understand the government’s policies regarding these fees: all aged care providers must publish their prices online and provide pricing schedules to clients. Everything should be transparent.
The Aged Care Complaints Scheme
Something not right? Whether it’s the quality of care or a service subsidised by the Australian government, contact the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission by calling 1800 951 822. All complaints are taken seriously.
Some very kind words
"As soon as we met Mary, we felt a load taken off our shoulders. The service was professional and respectful and we felt she had our grandmother’s best interest in mind during the whole process. Our most sincere thanks for helping us and making the transition go smoothly."
Zharine Lewis
"I was very happy and appreciative of the service Mary provided. She saved us a lot of work at a time that’s difficult and heartbreaking. I found her caring manner helped enormously. I recommend her to anyone who needs to find a suitable residential placement for a loved one."
Kerrie Derwent
"Often the decision to place a loved one into care is sudden and taken out of your hands by the system. We were overwhelmed when we contacted Mary. She immediately demonstrated empathy, developed a plan, found a suitable place, and handled the paperwork. Mary made a stressful situation easy."
David & Kylie Gilmour